Sailing Ship Vega – Passion and challenges in the sailing world

Berth in the Netherlands, Amsterdam, Kaap de Groene Hoop and beforehand in Harlingen. The story of Vega in a commercial sailing business world. Chief mate Nadja, Captain Felix and ship’s cook Owen on board the Vega. Business, sailing and cooking on board.

Since June 2022 the crew wants to set sails to cross the Atlantic, now it’s summer 2023. The Vega of SailCargoInc gives hope, drives so many people. There is always energy to make things happen. A world-leading fleet of zero emission sailing cargo ships.

More and more pioneers are raising, sustainable, traditional sailing projects. The Fair Winds Collective knows, observes and gathers solutions for the challenges. Nationally and internationally, we sail sustainable. Share the information. Let’s support each other. The solution is you.

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Thanks a lot to all the people who change the future sustainably.

Working for and with mother earth by heart.

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